Individual funding amounts will vary, and range from $50-$250 per calendar year.
To apply for funding support from the Helping Hand Fund, please fill out the application form and submit by emailing it in or mailing it to the address on the form.

The Helping Hand Fund – Funding Guidelines

Making a Difference so ALL Kids Can Play!

We believe that no child should be excluded from sport because of tight family finances. We think all kids that want to should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of sport. The Helping Hand Fund provides support to underprivileged kids in sport in our community.

The Helping Hand Fund has been helping kids participate in sports in our community since 1997.

The money for the Helping Hand Fund is raised primarily through the Dean Turnquist Spring Fever Road Hockey Tournament that is held each spring. For more information about the Dean Turnquist Spring Fever Road Hockey Tournament visit

We also encourage those in need to visit KidSport as they help out on a broader scale and to a wider region than The Helping Hand Fund. For more information, please visit

Frequently Asked Questions

 How does the Helping hand Fund help?

  • Like KidSport, The Helping Hand Fund provides grants to children from families facing financial barriers, so they can participate in registered sport programs.
  • The Helping Hand Fund also will provide funding support to programs that provide kids with a sustained sport experience led by qualified

Who is eligible to receive a Helping Hand Fund grant?

  • Families who are low income, on AISH, unemployed, or receiving income support through provincial government are all considered
  • The Helping Hand Fund considers the social and economic barriers facing the family when determining

What sort of areas will the Helping Hand Fund support?

  • The Helping Hand Fund provides financial support, set at $250 per child, per calendar year towards sports fees.  Calendar year runs from January 1 – December
  • If the child needs equipment, money for travel or other needs to participate we will make a decision based on need for each individual.
  • For assistance with registration fees, we encourage parents to connect with KidSport who have Grants that are intended to be used for sport registration fees and equipment.
  • Special circumstances may be considered. 

When is the deadline to apply?

  • It’s best to submit your application to The Helping Hand Fund as soon as you register your child in the sport
  • Programs that are complete are not eligible for funding

How to Apply: Please visit our website to apply online. Or email your request to:

  1. Find a sport program your child would like to join and register him/her.
  2. Fill out an application form and submit online or mail to the contact address.
  1. Complete Parent/Guardian Information, Child Information, and Income
  2. Complete Sport Program Information after you have registered your child in the sport program (notify the local community sport organization that you are requesting funds from The Helping Hand Fund).
  3. Complete the Proof of Income section to verify your financial situation in accordance to individual chapter

Mail or email your completed application to the address indicated on the form.

Applications are reviewed on a case by case basis as time permits by a volunteer committee. Cheques for approved applications are mailed or delivered to the sport club directly (or designated team official) within two weeks of the review date. You will receive an email or contact confirming your application result. Please note incomplete applications will delay the process.

Funding HHF Funding Guidelines

and application form: HHF Funding Application printable form:

Apply online here: Online application

If you can’t download the online application, contact Dean directly at


The Helping Hand Fund does have limits and timelines on support, but our goal is to ensure no kid misses out because of financial barriers.

Please note that KidSport Alberta does provide funding as well to assist with fees. Visit for more information.