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Making a Difference so ALL Kids Can Play!

Helping Hand Fund logoWe believe that no child should be excluded from sport because of tight family finances. We think all kids that want to should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of sport. The Helping Hand Fund provides support to underprivileged kids in sport in our community.

The Helping Hand Fund has been helping kids participate in sports in our community since 1997.

The money for the Helping Hand Fund is raised primarily through the Dean Turnquist Spring Fever Road Hockey Tournament that is held each spring, the Fall Fundraiser – held each fall and our Family Day events held in February, along with donations received throughout the year.

Why we support

By providing funding for kids, we hope to offer everyone the opportunity to participate in sport programs. Sports offer so much to youth and the Helping Hand Fund encourages:

  • the skills to work in a group,

  • strong social interactive skills

  • physical activity that is important to contribute to a healthy lifestyle,

  • participation in sports programs that will help them understand how they can contribute positively to their community,

  • the opportunity for kids in underprivileged situations to feel apart of something their peers are experiencing as well.


Our vision is very similar to that of KidSport Alberta. The Helping Hand Fund shares this vision.

Our support enables more kids to play organized sports and activities and is fulfilling a need for the families we support, but there are still too many kids left on the sidelines.  We have a vision to ensure that no child is EVER left watching from the sidelines simply because their family couldn’t afford the cost.  The following principles guide our activities:

  • The inclusion of ALL children in sport and activities;

  • Children leading healthy, active lifestyles;

  • The community working together to assist children;

  • Working to foster activities that inspire strong life skills (i.e., team play, fair play, and self-esteem); and

  • Collaborating with other local organizations to address social issues affecting our youth.

Through an application process, the Helping Hand Fund provides grants to offset the cost of team fees &/or equipment for sustained sport programs with qualified instructors for kids under the age of 18 years in and around our community.

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